Scrip code*526987
Whether company has CINYes
CIN NumberL67129DL1992PLC048983
Name of the company*URJA GLOBAL LIMITED
Registered office address
Registered office address*487/63, 1st Floor, National Market, Peeragarhi, New Delhi-110087
Registered office state*Delhi
Registered office city* Peeragarhi National market
Registered office district*West Delhi
Registered office pin code*110087
Registered office contact number*ISD Code*STD Code*Number*
Registered office fax
Registered office country*INDIA
Registered office
Registered office
Correspondence address
Same as aboveYes
Correspondence address487/63, 1st Floor, National Market, Peeragarhi, New Delhi-110087
Correspondence stateDelhi
Correspondence cityPeeragarhi National Market
Correspondence districtWest Delhi
Correspondence pin code
Correspondence contact numberISD CodeSTD CodeNumber
Correspondence fax
Correspondence countryIndia
Reporting quarter*30-06-2023
Face value*1

Stock Exchange Details :

Name of stock Exchange

Listed Capital

% Of total issued capital

Name of other stock exchanges where the company's securities are listedBSE Ltd525453377100
National Stock Exchange of India Ltd(NSE)525453377100

Capital Details :

Number of shares% Of total issued capital
Issued capital*525453377
Listed capital (BSE) (As per company records)*525453377100
Held in dematerialised form in CDSL*25480722448.49
Held in dematerialised form in NSDL*26998634351.38
Total no.of shares*525453377100
Reasons for difference if any, Between issued capital and listed capital*0
Reasons for difference if any, Between issued capital and total number of shares*0
Reasons for difference if any, Between listed capital and total number of shares*0

Certifying the details of changes in share capital during the quarter under consideration as per Table below :

Whether changes during the quarter*No

Register of members is updated*Yes
If not, Updated upto which date
Reference of previous quarter with regards to excess dematerialised shares,If any.NA
Has the company resolved the matter (excess dematerialised shares mentioned above) in the current quarter ?*NA
If not, Reason why ?

Mentioned the total no.of requests, If any, confirmed after 21 days and the total no.of requests pending beyond 21 days with the reasons for delay

Total no.of demat requestsNo.of requests*No.of shares*Reasons for delay
Confirmed after 21 days*00NA
Pending for more than 21 days*00NA

Compliance Officer Details

Whether Compliance officer appointedYes
Whether Qualified Company Secretary is Compliance Officer *Yes
Name of the compliance officer*Ms. Priyanka Rani
PAN of the compliance officer*BRRPR7599L
Date of Appointment03-03-2023
Designation*Company Secretary
Membership NosACS60578
Mobile no.*7678595322
Fax no. 01145588275
E-mail id*
Whether any change in Compliance Officer during the previous 2 quarters*Yes
Whether the previous Compliance Officer was Qualified Company Secretary *Yes

Whether the previous Compliance Officer was Qualified Company Secretary *

Previous Compliance Officer NameMs. Preeti kataria
PAN of the previous compliance officer*AIOPV1812H
Membership NosFCS53025
Date of Appointment20-06-2022
Date of Cessation25-01-2023

Date of Appointment

CA/CS/CMA*Company secretary
Name of certifying auditor*Nupur Jain
Date of issue of report*11-07-2023
Address*358/A, 1st Floor Ram Nagar Road Delhi-110051
Contact no.*91-9560412648
Fax no.-
Membership no.*12718
Firms registration number of audit firm
Name of the firm*M/s Nupur Jain
COP number*20313

Name of the firm*

Appointment of common agency for share registry work*Yes
Whether Registered with SEBI
Name of RTAAlankit Assignments Limited
SEBI registration no.INR000002532
Address205-208, Anarkali Complex, JhandewalanExtension, New Delhi- 110055
Contact no.011-42541234
Fax number of RTA-
Website Address
Whether any change in Registrar and Share Transfer Agents *No
Previous Registrar and Share Transfer Agents Name
Date of Cessation
Any other detail that the auditor may like to provide. (e.g. BIFR company, delisting from SE)