• - Iconic Headlamp Design
  • - Stunning colors

The stunning colors and Iconic headlamp design distinguishing personality that shines through your smooth ride and come with amazing features.


Powerful electric motor built into the rear wheel deliver superior torque & instant pickup.

  • - Advance Safety features

A powerful electric motor built into the rear wheel deliver superior torque provide quick acceleration & gives you all the power you need to ahead of traffic. The e-Scooter also has advance safety features & reliable suspension system to ensure a reliable & smooth ride.


  • - Disk Break
  • - Drum Break

Our ever-reliable braking systems are important features that offer safe braking performance on Indian roads, no matter your riding style.

Ride Smooth

  • - Good suspensions
  • - Anti Drive character

Front Hydraulic & rear dual tube shocker suspension system ensure that you have smooth & enjoyable ride.

Let's go Digital

  • - Digital Cluster

The Digital Console Provides real-time and accurate information about the speed of the vehicle, which is important for maintaining safe speed complying with traffic laws. Additional features can also enhance the riding experience & useful information to the rider.

Cozy &

  • - Rider-friendly seats

Be assured a cozy and comfortable seats can enhance the riding experience and reduce fatigue with our rider-friendly seats.