Solar Battery

URJA GLOBAL-India’s leading solar battery manufacturer & supplier. URJA Solar batteries are highly durable, environment friendly & safe. URJA Solar batteries are designed to do maximum charging from solar modules and it helps us to save electricity bill. URJA Solar battery provides higher life cycle & high ambient temperature.


Battery Specification

  • WarrantyWarranty - 16 Months
  • CapacityCapacity – 150 Ah@C10
  • Dimensions505 x 196 x 412
  • Battery typeSolar Tubular

Product Description

URJA’S Solar batteries are specially designed to be used with home and industrial PCU where traditionally flooded tubular batteries are typically used. With their robust construction and advance technologies, these batteries deliver consistent performance even in demanding conditions. URJA’S basically made strong & thick plates to avoid corrosion to provide long life to batteries. The Lead-Acid Chemistry ensures low self-discharge rates, making them ideal for long-term energy storage.


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