E-Rickshaw Battery

Do you all remember the time when Tuk-Tuks or Tempos were the cheapest mode of commutation in some tier 1 and major tier 2 cities? People always prefer riding them for short distances in low price. Then came the population and pollution jump. Their place was taken by E-rickshaws which are environment friendly and serves the same purpose. These new age battery operated E-Rickshaws are the vehicle leaders for a better future.

Model : ER-18000


Battery Specification

  • WarrantyWarranty - 6 Months
  • CapacityCapacity – 120Ah@c20
  • Dimensions410 x 171 x 209
  • Battery typeFlat Plate

Model : ER-20000


Battery Specification

  • WarrantyWarranty - 12 Months
  • CapacityCapacity – 140Ah@c20
  • Dimensions410 X 175 X 242
  • Battery typetubular plate

Product Description

Urja battery is specially engineered to suit the requirements of the e-rickshaws. The superior tubular battery has been designed to guarantee enormous power, durability and safety on all types of terrains. A unique balance of advanced grid design and innovative technology ensure high mileage resulting in more life and even more profit. E-Shakti and is environmentally friendly and promises you a longer battery life.


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